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Field Assignment

In our Example, GA_CITY is the child Characteristic and GA_COUNTRY is the father Characteristic.
Therefore if we Create Assignment for the Compounded Child on the Scenario Tab, it will request for its Compounded Parent as well, hence it will be also Assigned to teh Target.


On the Output the following Rules need to be considered:

Associated IOBJGlobal nameGlobal name
GA_CITYis used for the Compouneded not used.
GA_COUNTRYis needed to be used for the Compounded Father as well.

is either can be used for Compounden Father or not.
In this case all field which has GA_COUNTRY as a base Characteristic, can be the father for the Compounded Child. 


If the mentioned Rules are considered, the Compounded Father can be activated for the Compounded Child, on the Output Tab.


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