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As explained in note 2121399, you can only compress requests which have already been loaded into all target providers. In the following we discuss this with the help of an simple example where the target and source providers are InfoCubes.

  • Source Cube STPE_SRC
    • Loaded Requests 
      • 1406345
      • 1406343
      • 1406340 (already compressed)
  • Target Cubes
    • STPE_TRG1
      • requests from STPE_SRC already loaded
        • 1406340
        • 1406343
    • STPE_TRG2
      • request from STPE_SRC already loaded
        • 1406340
  • You can only compress requests which have already been loaded into all data targets.
  • Hence, in this case, compression of request 1406343 is not possible!
  • The two tables RSMDATASTATE and RSSTATMANREQMAP can help to find the request and data targets which prevent the compression

RSA1 - 'Manage Infoprovider' for STPE_SRC

Button 'Data Mart Status..' for request 1406340

Button 'Data Mart Status..' for request 1406343

You can see that this request was not loaded into all data targets!

The table RSMDATASTATE is an important administration where you can find, among others, information about the status of the requests. In our case the following fields are important:

  • QUALOK:   Request SID for which all requests checked for quality   
  • DMEXIST:  Upper limit of all data mart delta requests 
  • DMALL:      Lower limit of all data mart delta requests
  • COMPR:     Request SID up to which InfoCube is to be compressed 
  • COMPR_DUAL:    Request ID up to Which the InfoCube Is Compressed

So, when we look at this table we know that (for the cube STPE_SRC) there is at least one datamart data target which got already the request 1.406.343 and that there is the request 1.406.340 which was already loaded into all targets.

The administration table RSSTATMANREQMAP(BW7x data flow) contains all datamart delta requests. When we set DTA_SOURCE = STPE_SCR we get three records displayed:


In case you start the compression for the request 1.403.343 you get the message RSM1 548 (on a BW75 system; on other system you may also see RSM1 489, RSM1 501 or RSM1 503):

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