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To explain how to configure the UD Connect in NWA for 7.x,  Previously this was done in the visual administrator which has now become redundant with the Introduction of the NWA


This guide shows where to configure the items that were previously done in the visual administrator which is not used in 7.3

Configure UDI JDBC connector using NWA

1. Install JDBC driver onto J2EE Engine

  • Open "Application Resources"
  • Show "All JDBC Drivers"
  • Click "Create New Resource". For example, for MSSQL 2005
  • Name resource "mssql2005"
  • Upload MSSQL 2005 JDBC driver. It may be "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server 2005 JDBC Driver\sqljdbc_1.1\enu\sqljdbc.jar" if you installed it in standard location.

2. Add reference to your driver to UDI JDBC resource adapter

  • Open "Application Resources"
  • Go to "All resource Adapters"
  • Select ""
  • In Resource Details select tab "Loader References"
  • Add new reference for your JDBC driver. Example for MS SQL 2005 driver
  • type reference "library:mssql2005"

3. Configure connection (driver) properties

  • Open "Application Resources"
  • Go to "All JCA Connection Factories"
  • Select "SDK_JDBC" from Resource List
  • In Resource Details go to "Configuration Properties" tab
  • Fill in properties. See example for MS SQL 2005 

UserName: "sa"
Password: "admin"
URL: jdbc:sqlserver://localhost;databaseName=Northwind

4. Create JRA connector for connection to backend BW

  • From NWA -> go to Application Resources and select “Resource Adapters”
  • Select SAPJavaResourceAdapter15
  • Open the Properties Tab and fill in all the properties that you use to set in the Jco RFC Destination in NW70
  • On the ABAP side everything is the same … just create an RFC destination with the matching name
    Important Note: Make sure that there is no Jco RFC Destination with the same name that is started on the Java side! If there is one stop it … otherwise the connection will go through the old route and UDI won’t work

5. Test using http://host:port/TestJDBC_Web/TestJDBCPage.jsp

  • To restart container (if needed)
  • In NWA, go to "Start & Stop: Java EE Services"
  • Find service "Connector Container"
  • Restart (start/stop) the service

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 1658310 - How to configure UD connect on the J2EE (710,..730) server for JDBC access to external databases

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  1. Unknown User (cogv9gb)

    Hi Keenan ,

    This blog is very useful. I am trying to install JDBC driver for oracle. Could you please reply with the values for oracle for the above steps.

    I have installed oracle 11.2.0

    And which file needs to be selected while adding new jdbc driver in nwa. I am confused whether it is ojdbc6.jar / simplefan.jar



  2. Former Member

    Hi Brian,

    just a brief addendum for those who might struggle with UD connection check to source system(s) not working in RSA1 after upgrading from lower NW releases if any UDC(s) existed in the system previously. The RSAR 7 error details are:


    You tried to logon to check connection <RFC_DESTINATION> to the source system. This was not successful.

    System Response

    Bean RSSDK_LOGSYS_REMOTE_GET not found on host <hostname>, ProgId =<PROG_ID_IN_RFC_DESTINATION>: Obj

    Proceed as per the guide How2GuideSetupUDI_for710.pdf attached to SAP note 1658310 all the way through and also perform the steps mentioned in chapter 4. (pages 9-10). Afterwards double-check all relevant entries in BW table RSLOGSYSDEST so that each LOGSYS entry is remapped to a newly created RFC destination (e.g. UDI_RFC_1) and doesn't still point to the old <RFC_DESTINATION>. This can be easily done via transaction SE16 and should do the final "magic".




  3. Hi Brian

    We have an problem. We configured the UD connect to an MSSQL DB, this one is working fine, if only one server node is up and running.

    If we start both server node, sometimes the connection is running sometimes not!

    In the old releases 7.0x there we can made an 'local bundle' onf the connection. In the newer release is  this not possible.

    How we can made this 'localbundle' settings?


    Regards Stefan