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This page explains how to configure a custom package of Analysis for Office to keep the settings definition for upcoming installations or to roll-out AO with different default settings.

This topic is already described in the chapter "Configuring Files with SAP Setup" in Administrator Guide of AO. This Wiki has been created to provide additional details and screenshots of the step-by-step described in the guide.

  1. Copy or extract the installer (with Winrar for example, which can open the contents of the .exe). If you extracted the installer, go to Setup folder. If you copied the complete installer, you might need to go to CdMirror first and then to the Setup folder (see documentation at "CdMirror\SAP Setup Guide.pdf"). 
  2. Use NwCreateInstServer to create a folder e.g. "InstServer"
  3. In the folder "InstServer", create a folder e.g. "CustomerFiles" with adapted content, for example Cof_app.config and Ao_app.config

  4. Use InstServer\Setup\NwSapSetupAdmin to configure a package. 
    1. It already has product COF imported, because it was created from a COF installer. 
    2. Click on "New Package" 

    3. Select the desired plugins for the new package (here it is possible to uncheck EPM or BPC from the installer in case these plugins are not necessary, usually in a Silent installation).

    4. Enter the name of the package and the command line name (e.g. AO).

    5. Go to Packages > Package Configuration and enter the following code in tabs "On Installation End"and "On Update End" (if you do not want your files replaced after an update of AO) and click on "Save": 

      strSrcFile = NwEngine.Variables.ResolveString("%SapSrcDir%\CustomerFiles\Ao_app.config") 
      strDstFile = NwEngine.Variables.ResolveString("%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\SAP\Cof\Ao_app.config")
      NwEngine.Shell.CopyFileEx strSrcFile, strDstFile, vbTrue  
      Note that SAPSetup does not know %ProgramData%. Use %ALLUSERSPROFILE% instead.

      Adjust the code with the correct name of your folder created in step #4 and make sure that the name of the file to be replaced is correct.

  5. Execute the InstServer\SetupAll.exe and install the package created.

Link to this page:
Bridge KBA 2431911 - How to create a custom package of Analysis Office

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