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Note 74486 - INFO: Overview of consulting notes for CO-PA



This note gives an overview of the informational notes for CO-PA.
The purpose of these notes is to give you further advice on various topics in CO-PA which have turned out to be difficult to understand from a user's point of view.
You can easily select these notes in OSS by searching for the application area / application "CO-PA*" and the key word "INFO". Additional key words

CO-PA, Profitability Analysis, consulting, collective note Cause and prerequisites

The following INFO notes are currently available:
No.     Short text

              35288   Technical Documentation CO-PA

              69384   Account-based Profitability Analysis

              199467  New act assignment table as of Release 4.5

              13377   Naming conflicts in characteristics and value fields

              21207   Deleting a charctrstc/value field from an op.concern

              40336   Maintaining foreign keys for characteristics

              76493   Changing texts of characteristics or value fields


              32719   Customer hierarchy in CO-PA

              33968   SD/CO-PA: Characteristics from sales document tables

              36557   SD/CO-PA: Transfer partner functions to CO-PA

              62690   Product hierarchy in CO-PA

              93652   Info: Variant configuration in CO-PA

              134889  Info on derv. of char:Why not all flds avail.?

              148609  Char.deriv.:deriv. rule vals miss.aft.upgrade&trnsp.

              172740  Techn.docum.charct. derivtn as of Release 4.0

              40408   Valuation for record types 'B' and 'C'

              62536   Valuation using conditions in Profitability Analysis

              67240   Info: Valuation with material cost estimate

              111232  INFO: Valuation for materials valuated separately

              144337  INFO rounding differences: Valuation with costing

              142628  Behaviour of user exit in periodic valuation

              20254   Values from SD are not transferred to CO-PA

              37114   Incorrect setup/reversal of provisions

              33178   +/- sign logic in CO-PA (SD/FI interface)

              52849   Transfer of conditions with +/- signs

              39635   Profitability segment by substitution exits

              64768   FI/CO-PA: Problems with exchange rate differences

              87704   Cost-of-goods-sold Reconciliation: FI to Co-PA

              83702   Acct assignmt logic sales order proc. - REM

              111309  Transfer of quantities into CO-PA

              185826  Enhancement COPA0005

              69370   Clearing data inconsistencies in CO-PA

              70718   Correctn of data inconsistency for order recpt

              140457  Correcting data inconsstncs in incoming orders

              126937  Correction of billing data inconsistency

              93051   Restructure of the segment level from line items

              67191   Useful tips on the CO Planning Processor

              72110   KE11: Long runtimes/timeout

              77476   Information: Top-down planning

              124598  CO-PA Planning: FAQs

              21773   Performance in reporting (summarization data)

              83204   Usage strategy for summarization levels

              136216  Fast rollup for summ. levels for costing-based CO-PA

              134430  Euro conversion and CO-PA

              19015   Termination during external data transfer

              19410   Characteristic validation during external data transfer

              44658   Error with batch input for KE21

              40994   Transport Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) to 3.0

              52636   CO-PA Customizing transport

              128862  Transport Customizing CO-PA in 4.0A/B

              131664  Transport of operating concern structures 4.0

              144015  Client copy and CO-PA/EC-EIS

              65999   Information: Supported ALE scenarios in CO-PA

              94458   CO-PA Realignments: documentation

              113050  Segment table repair after realignments

              127334  Missing archiving of profitability segments

              199959  Change assignmt for operating concern

              67839   Generating parts of an operating concern environment

              69829   Delete operating concern in Release 3.0

             106314  Delete operating concern in Release 3.1

Delta Process

502380 - Information: Delta process with CO-PA extraction        

Performance Analysis:

532252 - INFO: Performance analysis for CO-PA read interface

585821 - Performance improvement for CO-PA analysis tool

438577 - INFO - Upload performance analysis read interface COPA

537474 - INFORMATION: CO-PA program analysis



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  1. am looking for validation rule for copa characteristics in batch process. 


    Arvind Leo Pereira