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  • Copying Queries from One InfoProvider to Another
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To Explain who to coopy BEX queries from one infoprovider to another infoprovider.


Generally we have some times a requirement of the cube name to be changed and as we know that the technical name cannnot be changed so we prefer to copy all the querys which exist on that cube to the new cube with' the specified name.and some times we also need to copy queries on cube to cube, or cube to Multiprovider, DSO to InfoSet. Here we have two methods of copying queries from one InfoProvider to another (Target Info provider).

  • RSZC: Only rule is that all the characteristics contained in the source infoprovider should also be contained in the target infoprovider (i.e. both the cubes should have same Structure).
  • Using FM: RSZ_I_COPY_QRY_TO_CUBE,  With this you can copy the query even though the characteristics contained in the source infoprovider are not present in the target infoprovider

You cannot copy reports on Infosets. You have to create the reports again on new infosets. The infoset will create new technical names to infoobjects. For example if you have the ZABC info object and your infoset name is ZIS_ABC.your infoobject name will be ZIS_ABC1.

You can only Copy the queries from one cube to another but not the workbooks existing upon one cube to another. We need to manually create them.



Run the FM in SE37, Enter the Source cube and the Target Cube, next you need to click on Debugging.

See the code and set the break point at   IF l_subrc <> 0 OR l_is_compliant = rs_c_false. (Generally this is 42nd Line in the code).  Break point is set by double clicking on that

Now in the same line see l_is_compliant and double click on that and at the right side that can be seen in the below screen


Now Click on pencil mark and Enter the value X.

Now after entering x.. get the cursor and click on the break point (Single click)

Simply click on F5 (Key) and It takes you to the code at line 32 ( PERFORM check_infocube_compliance)

Hope this content will give the Understanding on how we copy queries from one target to another.

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  1. Unknown User (kj62wmi)


    I tried this, Yes, as it is working. But, i encountered with an error finally. The new copied query is showing one message

    system error in program SAP LRR12 and form DIM_FAC_SRDATE-02

    Any idea, what need to be done to Fix this?

     Also, when looked into the long text, SAP NOTE 899572 is asked to check!!

  2. Former Member

    FM RSZ_I_COPY_QRY_TO_CUBE_SINGLE to copy or force copy of a single query should also be mentioned