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You can define threshold values (exceptions) for a query. You define exceptions in the BEx Query Designer or in BEx Web applications

There are two types of exception in webapplication designer

  1. Status exceptions affect absolute key figures. They describe the current status of a number (such as revenue > 30000).
  2. Trend exceptions affect relative key figures. They describe a change to a key figure (such as deviation > 5 percent).

You specify which key figures the exception is to affect. The exception can affect all structure elements of a structure or a selected structure element.

You can set whether the evaluation of the exception is to take place before or after a local calculation. Choose Before Local Calculation or After Local Calculation as required.

Please check the below link for more information:


How to create exceptions please check the below link:


How to determine the display type of Exceptions to be seen in the resultant BEx Web report while executing BW Web Templates:

Displaying Color Code in a WAD Report




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