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Steps to create universe on Bex Query are identical to that of InfoCube. However, before one proceeds for universe creation on Bex Query, one has to release the Bex Query for external access. Let’s say we want to create a universe on Bex Query 0SD_C03_Q007 (i.e. Billing documents). Proceed as follows:

1. Open the Query 0SD_C03_Q007 in Query Designer.

 2. Navigate to Query > Properties.

3. Click the Advanced tab.

4. Check Allow External Access to this Query as shown in the screenshot below.

5. Save the Query.

6. The remaining steps are the same. Only difference is that the query does not appear in the ($INFOCUBE) folder.

Instead it appears in a folder with InfoCube name.

In this case, the query appears in “Sales:Overview (0SD_C03)” folder as shown in the screenshot below.