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  • Query must be on top of Aggregation level and it must be in input mode

  • Make the planning InfoProvider in plan mode

Right click the planning InfoProvider (real time cube, InfoCube-like, planning aDSO) in transaction RSA1 and choose the option as below:

  • All characteristics including time-characteristics in ADSO should be set as keys and all must be mapped to multiprovider.

  • Put it in into drilldown:
    For each characteristic in the aggregation level, put it into drill down, or filter it to a single value, or set it with disaggregation, including 0unit, 0currency, 0infoprovider.

  • Restrict on single value
    If it is not in drill down, put a single value filter on it. 

Such filter can be defined in:

  • Disaggregation

If you can't put it in drill down or set a single value filter on a characteristic (except 0unit, 0currency and 0infoprov, they need unique restriction anyway), then set the disaggregation for the key figure itself. This will also make the yellow line cell input ready.

  • Make a key figure input ready




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