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  • Creating special user D_E_L_E_T_E with a start_routine
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To describe how to create the special user D_E_L_E_T_E in a start routine.  Authorizations variable should be in the 'Char Restrictions' and not the 'Default Area'.


You need to enter this username into the DSO 0TCA_DS01 and all the generated authorizations will be deleted. Only the authorizations will be deleted and not the users, This will be done upto the date specified, hence also add the Date To field.

This information is taken from the table RSECAUTHGENERATD and the report RSEC_GENERATE_AUTHORIZATIONS deletes the data when regenerating the authorizations.

Start Routine Code  

**$$ begin of 2nd part global - insert your code only below this line  **

data: g_first type flag value 'X'.

**$$ end of 2nd part global - insert your code only before this line   **

  METHOD start_routine.


               <SOURCE_FIELDS>    TYPE _ty_s_SC_1.

               MONITOR_REC     TYPE rstmonitor.

*$$ begin of routine - insert your code only below this line        *-**

* insert your code here
* fill table "MONITOR" with values of structure "MONITOR_REC"
* to make monitor entries... "to cancel the update process

* raise exception type CX_RSROUT_ABORT. 

               data: l_s_source_package type _ty_s_sc_1.

* Exception: A record of D_E_L_E_T_E in usernames
* Is added resulting in a different system behavior
* in the subsequent generation of the privileges of
* The DSO data, the deletion of analysis authorizations

* As the start routine is executed for each data package
* we need to insure the D_E_L_E_T_E value is only added
* once, This flag does the needful.

               if g_first = 'X'.

                             clear l_s_source_package.

                              l_s_source_package-tctusernm = 'D_E_L_E_T_E'.
                              l_s_source_package-tctadto = ‘31129999’.
                              append l_s_SOURCE_PACKAGE to SOURCE_PACKAGE. 
                              clear g_first.


*$$ end of routine - insert your code only before this line         *-**

ENDMETHOD.                    "start_routine

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