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You have installed the Precalculation Server as described on wikipage Installation of Precalculation Server.
Now you need to create the Precalculation Server Instance(s) in backend. With these steps you create a RFC connection between backend system and Precalculation Server Machine.
Please note that you have to perform these steps from the Precalculation Server machine. After the Precalculation Server Instance(s) are created you can start the Precalculation Server Instance.

1 - Check before new creation of Precalculation Server Instance

Please make sure that following notes are implemented or activ via SP-level:

  • 1315171 - PrecalcServer: connection problems in precalc server
  • 1742277 - Precalculation: Select application server in RSPRECALCADMIN

2 - Steps to create Precalculation Server Instance

  1. Logon to the Precalculation Server machine as user with administration rights.
  2. Please deactivate User Account Control (UAC) by performing following steps (note 1503786):
    1. Windows > Start > Run
    2. Type 'msconfig' ENTER
    3. on TAB 'Tools'.
    4. Select  'Change UAC Settings' and
    5. click Launch button.
    6. Move slight bar down to 'Never notify me' and
    7. press button OK.
    8. Now restart the system.
  3. On Precalculation Server machine run the SAP GUI as administrator. <<<< IMPORTANT !!! IMPORTANT !!!
  4. Logon to the BW backend.
  5. Start Tx RSPRECALCADMIN and perform the following:
    1. Choose  Create Precalculation Server 
    2. In following screen you need to enter the description of the server and the unique server ID with max. 10 chars.
      The current host IP address is taken by default. You can change it if your want (see Tx SM51). If your system configuration requires to use saprouter string for the gateway host in  addition to default IP address, see SAP Note 1496606
      Note: If you are not seeing the same options while creating the Precalculation Server instance, consider to implement SAP Note 1496606

    3. Press Save to create the instance.
    4. The server should appear as offline:
    5. Repeat these steps to create further Precalculation Server Instances. Note the maximum number of instances to be created in case of MultiInstance is 3.
  6. Now you have to restart 'SAP BW Precalculation Service Multi Instance'.
  7. In Tx RSPRECALCADMIN press key F5 to refresh. The new created Precalculatin Server should be GREEN/Ready now.

3 - Starting the Precalculation Service

  1. Logon to the Precalculation Server Machine.
  2. Go to the Services window of your operating system using services.msc in the Run command.
  3. Please set for the service 'SAP BW Precalculation Service Multi Instance' startup type to 'Manual'.
  4. Start the 'SAP BW Precalculation Service Multi Instance' service via context menu:
  5. In services-list you should see the status 'Started' for 'SAP BW Precalculation Service Multi Instance'.
  6. Please run the installation check as described on Checklist for Precalculation Server - Point 1.

4 - SAP BW Precalculation Multi Instance Service does not start

4.1 - While starting the Multi Instance Service a Windows popup occurs:

4.1.1 - 'Error 1053: The Service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion'
  • If service does not start and you observe a popup with error message 'Error 1053: The Service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion' then please follow solution mentioned in KBA note 1705387 .
4.1.2 - 'The SAP BW Precalculation Service Multi Instance service on Local Computer started and then stopped. ...'
  • Check that you have created at least one instance (recommended are three). Please review point 2.
    • Check that you have run SAP GUI as administrator while creation of Precalculation Server Instance:
      • saplogon.exe > right mouse click > select "Run as Administrator"
      • Please review note 1503786.
    • Check configuration of instances as described under point 4.2.
  • Please check that Multi Instance Service user has full administrator rights.

4.2 - Check the Registry

First check that required registry entries exist. Use following steps:

  • Start the Windows Registry Editor and check if created instances (visible in Tx RSPRECALCADMIN and table RSR_PREC_LOGSYS) are available under following path: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\SAP.BusinessExplorer.Analyzer\BW_PRECALC\Servers\
  • If you can not find the corresponding registry entries please delete and recreate the instances:

4.3 - Test the Console Mode

  • Stop the Precalculation Service.
  • Start the Console Mode by starting the program C:\ProgramFiles\SAP\BusinessExplorer\BI_Prec\BExPrecConsoleDispatcher.exe
  • In backend start Tx RSPRECALCADMIN and check the status of the server.
  • The server status should be green, for any error please go on with reading next paragraph.

4.3.1 - Console Mode does not work / registration error

  • The Console Mode does not work.
  • BExPrecalcWorker window shows error: "Registration of tp ... from host ... not allowed"
    BExPrecConsoleDispatcher window shows error: "Error while creating IPC port, Access denied":
  • To solve that please review wikipage Checklist for Precalculation Server , point "4 - Parameters" >  "3.parameter gw/acl_mode" and configure external registration as explained.

The following link describes the 'Deletion of Precalculation Service instances'

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