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A field F in a Cube CDS view (with annotation @Analytics.dataCategory: #CUBE) can be associated to a Dimension View (a master data view with annotation  @Analytics.dataCategory: #DIMENSION): 

  1. Foreign key association (annotation @ObjectModel.foreignKey.association) should be defined to a master data CDS view with the representative key field of the same length or a longer length than field F's length. Otherwise, unexpected query result may occur.
  2. All the values in field F should all exist in the Dimension View. Otherwise unexpected query result may occur when hierarchy is active. F4 may get less values, text or display attribute may not available for some key values.
  3. Association should be defined with n:1 cardinality to a target view in a cube view.  That is, each value in the cube view field F, there is only 1 record available in the target view. Otherwise,  a query build on it may get unexpected key figure multiplication when drill down the field in the target view. The reason is similar to the effects explained in Ambiguous Join




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