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Key Figures of data Type CURR 'Currency Field'

The corresponding ABAP domain of a currency key figure has 2 decimal places, see notes 460652, 2085589 and 1240163. Note that for an amount key figure(and a quantity key figure), you can only change the number of characters(if required) before the decimal point but not the number of decimal places (see note 2085589)!

The default of 2 decimal places (which e.g. is the correct for the currency EUR) has some important technical consequences. E.g. the table TCURX is needed where the number of decimal places is stored for all currencies which have a different number of decimal places than 2. Please review note 1240163 for a detailed description of this very important point.

Sample currencies:  JPY, IDR, HUF, KRW, CLP, JOD, ...

In case a query uses currency conversion and it is necessary to get more decimal places displayed as defined in TCURX for this converted key figure, you need create a formula where you e.g. just multiply the key figure by 1. The reason why this 'trick' works is that, in general, formulas can be displayed with the maximum of 9 decimal places.

SAP Consulting Notes  

  • 1240163 - Amount too high by factor of 100 for HUF, JPY currencies
  • 2085929 - Virtual Providers & Currency Key Figures
  • 2085589 - Extending an Amount Key Figure of Currency Type in BW 
  • 667288  - Unit or currency for key figures with value 0
  • 460652   - Extending key figures in BW
  • 2313517 - Currency or Unit Dependent Decimal in a BW Query


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