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Data slices can be modeled in the Planning Modeler for real-time InfoProviders. With data slices one can protect data records for planning functions and manual planning. The most basic example is a version lock on a 'released' plan version, i.e. nobody should be able to change data records containing the released plan version.

There are two types of data slices:

  • Data slices based on a selection.
  • Data slices based on an exit class.

See SAP Online Document

Data Slices of Type Exit

The system contains a template class for an exit data slice. This is the class CL_RSPLS_DS_EXIT_BASE. It is recommended to create a new class that inherits from this class. See SAP Online Document. In addition, the class CL_RSPLS_DS_EXIT_BASE contains infrastructure to buffer the results of previous calls in the comments of method IS_PROTECTED(see Note 1067433).  This makes sense if it is somewhat expensive to determine whether a record is protected or not.

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