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Datasource Programs

The Program RSDS_DATASOURCE_ACTIVATE_ALL: Program RSDS_DATASOURCE_ACTIVATE_ALL is used for checks and to regenerate datasources  objects in the case of technical    incompleteness or inconsistency of metadata without creating a transport.

Program RSAOS_DDIS: Program RSAOS_DDIS  is used to display datasource metadata.

Notes describing program RSAOS_DDIS:

None at the present


Use this tool on your own responsibility. Proceed as follows:

  • The tool RSDS_DATASOURCE_ACTIVATE_ALL  has no simulation mode.
  • You can execute it for only Inactive objects in this case only inactive data sources will get activated. If you leave DataSource blank all inactive datasources get activated.
  • Do not tick “Only Inactive Objects” if you want to reactivate an activate datasources due to inconsistencies.


Datasource Tables

RSDS                                         DataSource in BW
RSDS_QUEUE_DATA               DataSource Queue: Data (Binary)
RSDS_QUEUE_HEADDataSource Queue; Header Table of Active Datasource
RSDSACCESSATTR                 DataSource - Attribute Access Method
RSDSACCESSATTRSH              DataSource in BW - Shadow Table Attribute
RSDSEXPORT                    DataSource Metadata (Migration)
RSDSRTCOUNT                   DataSource: Object ID Counter
RSDSRTSEGCOUNT                DataSource: Data Package ID Counter, Recon
RSDSRUNTIMETRACE              Runtime Measurement for DataSource
RSDSSEG                       DataSource – Segments
RSDSSEGFD                     DataSource - Segment Fields
RSDSSEGFDSH                   DataSource in BW - Shadow Table Fields
RSDSSEGFDT                    DataSource - Texts for Segment Fields
RSDSSEGFDTSH                  DataSource in BW - Shadow Table Field Text
RSDSSEGSH                     DataSource in BW - Shadow Table Segments
RSDSSEGT                      DataSource - Segment Texts
RSDSSEGTSH                    DataSource in BW - Shadow Table Segment Texts
RSDSSH                        DataSource in BW - Shadow Table
RSDST                         DataSource – Texts
RSDSTRANSTRU                  DataSource: Transfer Structures
RSDSTS                        Transfer Structure / PSA Table: Info for Replication
RSDSTSH                       DataSource in BW - Shadow Table Texts


Related SAP Notes/KBAs

Notes describing and correcting program RSDS_DATASOURCE_ACTIVATE_ALL are below:

1858777 - Datasource must be activated
1808846  Improvement log for PSA versioning in post-migration
1695338  RS_BW_POST_MIGRATION: New, partitioned PSA version
1703169  SP29: Improving logs for RSDS_DATASOURCE_ACTIVATE_ALL
1696587  RS_BW_POST_MIGRATION processes source system multiple times
1643067  Parallel activation of all DataSources