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First lets start off with having the definition of quantity conversion factor. Inorder to do so we need to define a data store object in which the conversion factors will be stored. we will go to transaction RSA1> Modeling > Infoobjects. Change the definition of infoobject 0MATERIAL. Go to the Business explorer tab and click on the new button right to the Units of Measure for Char. Box. 

The system will now generate a datastore object in which the conversion factors will be stored. Determine in which infoarea the DSO will be defined and confirm. The DSO will be already activated.

Next, Activate the infoobject 0MATERIAL.

We can now take a look at the result: the definition of the Data store object UOM0MATE.

The next step is to load the data store object with the conversion factors.

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  1. Unknown User (n2es9su)

    Hi, this i have already posted but i didn't got helpful suggestions... I have Gone through this Link... but i didnot find all the screens ....

    plz help me to resolve this...

    I am using BW7.0's feature - Quantity Conversion (TCode: RSUOM).
    I am Traying to Convert all the Quentity Units to one Unit , I have followed the following Steps.

    Steps :-

    1) In the BEx Tab page of Characteristic 0MATERIAL, maintained the field "Base Unit of Measure" as 0BASE_UOM

    2) In the BEx Tab page of Characteristic 0MATERIAL, maintained the field "Unit of Measure for Char." by click on the New button, it will generate a DataStore Object, which will store information for calculating the conversion factor.
    3) I have created Transformation from 0MAT_UNIT_ATTR to Generated DSO
    4) The Mapping is

    MATNR ---> 0MATERIAL. ( Material )

    MEINH ---> 0UNIT ( Unit of Measure )

    UMREZ --- >0UOMZ1D ( Counter )

    UMREN ---> 0UOMN1D ( Denominator )

    MATNR -----> 0BASE_UOM ( This I have Loaded through Master Data ).

    5) Fill in the DataStore generated with data, using the DataSource 0MAT_UNIT_ATTR Using Transfermation and DTP.

    6) Data is Loaded Successfully AND the Data is in Active.

    7) Then I Created the Quantity Conversion Type through TCode RSUOM ( Eg: ZUOM ),

    In the Conversion factor Tab , The Dynemick Determinetion of Convertion Factor Option 3 I have selected with reference to 0MATERIAL InfoObject.

    8) In UoM Tab, I have selected radio button
     Source : Info Object for Determining the Unit of Measure  ( 0MATERIAL  and Quantity Attribute 0BASE_UOM )
    Target : Fixed Unit of Measure ( CAR )

    9) Then in Query Designer , Quantity Key Figure Properties ( Eg: 0QUANT_B ) --- > In Unit
    Conversion I have selected Conversion Type ZUOM

    When I execute the Query , it is not Converting the Units.

    I am Trying to Convert all the units in to CAR ( Cartons )

    Eg : 10 Kg = 1CAR

    Where I am missing ? what are the Radio Buttons I have to select in RSUOM