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The Where-Used-List of the master data deletion process prevents the deletion of records which are still used in InfoProviders (SIDs and Attributes). You can start the master data deletion report in RSA1, in the Hana Studio(in InfoObject maintanance) or using report RSDMDD_DELETE_BATCH.

Note: It does not prevent the deletion of values that are used in other ways (e.g. filter values in queries, values used in reports etc.)

SAP Online Documentation

Deleting Master Data at Single Record Level

SAP Notes
  • 1705824  Old master data deletion is obsolete
  • 1661251  SP31:New Master data deletion - Enhancements


In the following example master data should be deleted from an InfoObject. We add two new master data records, however, only one of them is used in an InfoCube. (The records T97, T99, T27 can be ignored in our scenario.)


InfoObject: ZSZO_MAT
Attribute: ZSZO_COL – 'Farbe'
Nav.attr:  ZSZO_LAND – 'Land'

 STEP 1: Create two new master data records


STEP 2: Use one of the records in the cube

STEP 2a: Check Master Data and SID table


STEP 3: RSA1 à Delete Master Data


 STEP 3a: Delete SIDs


The Where-Used-List process prevents the deletion of used records (‘Schraube 2’)


Checke the Where-used-list

 STEP 4: Continue with deletion process


View the log

Again check Cube content

Check Master Data and SID table


Deletion without SIDs

If you uncheck the ‚Delete SIDs‘ check flag only master data are deleted, the SIDs are untouched.

This means that the CHCKFL flag will be removed.

SAP Consulting notes

1370848  New Master Data Deletion - Information  

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