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This pages describes how you can delete the Precalculation Server Instance in backend system.
Please note that you have to logon to your Precalculation Server machine to perform the steps.
To create a new Instance please review wikipage Creation of Precalculation Server Instance and starting the Service.

  1. Logon to the Precalculation Server machine as user with administration rights.
  2. Please deactivate User Account Control (UAC) by performing following steps (note 1503786):
    1. Windows > Start > Run
    2. Type 'msconfig' ENTER
    3. on TAB 'Tools'.
    4. Select  'Change UAC Settings' and
    5. click Launch button.
    6. Move slight bar down to 'Never notify me' and
    7. press button OK.
    8. Now restart the system.
  3. On Precalculation Server machine run the SAP GUI as administrator.
  4. Logon to the BW backend.
  5. Start Tx RSPRECALCADMIN and ...
    • Click on the Precalculation Server.
    • Press button 'Delete Precalculation Server'.
    • Confirm the question "Do you want to delete the RFC server?" by pressing on button YES.
  6. Now you have to restart 'SAP BW Precalculation Service Multi Instance'.

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