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  • Detailed Information on ODS and DSO object
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This report provides the following technical information on the structure of the DSO/ODS object

  • Active table
  • Activation queue table
  • Change log table
    • Technical name
    • Logical name
  • InfoObjects entailed in the ODS object as welll as the following information on these InfoObjects;
    • Key 
    • IO Type  
    • NAV. attr.    
    • Attr. only    
    • Conversion Exit    
    • Lowercase allowed 

It provides the following information on related programs for the DSO/ODS

  • Generated activation programm
  • Generated rollback programm

If you provide a load request on the selection screen you can get details of the SID and associated PSA SID.  Also you can find the details of the entries in table RSODSACTREQ which can be useful for troubleshooting.

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  1. Unknown User (vc43es3)

    Hi Vicent thanks for the name of the report. is very useful.