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A characteristic with an active hierarchy is in the drilldown:

  • If there is a node/leaf restriction, the query doers not display nodes of levels higher than the node filter
  • If there is a value(from flat list, no hierarchy node) restriction, the entire branch is displayed


Definition of our test hierarchy in transaction RSH1: 

Query Definition:

Query result in RSRT (ABAP BICS Mode):

The nodes of the higher levels like NODE_A are not displayed!

The same applies for leaves, e.g. when query is restricted to the leaf FC001 which lies under NODE_A1:

If 'flat values' are used in the filter, the query result is as follows:

Corresponding Query Definition:

Usage of Variables

Instead of the fix filter from above you cal also use a variable which makes the query more flexible.

The variable is of type Characteristic value and Selection Option.

When we run the Query in RSRT (ABAP BICS Mode) and leave the variable empty, the following result is displayed:

When we select a single value the result is:

Exclude Values

It is also possible to exclude values, the hierarchy structure is still displayed with all nodes:



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