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You can now document the cells in a query. However, this topic is relevant for BW/4HANA. A document is identified by the name of the key figure and the filter for this key figure, which affects the cell in the query. The text length of a document is unlimited. You can assign a document to a hierarchy node or a subtotal. You can also assign a document to restricted and calculated key figures. To make it possible to add comments for calculated key figures, you have to assign a technical ID. Make sure that these are unique. Documents can be reused in other queries if the filter selection is identical. A document is therefore visible in all queries that contain the same cell. You can even find documents from the drilldown in the selection and vice versa, as long as their common part is identical.

Important Notes/Kbas

3155931 - Comments is not showing cross queries with same granularity of data
2980332 - Collective note for the BW Document Store

SAP Online Documentation

An introduction and overview to this topic is available in the following link: Creating a Document Store

Creating a Document Store

First of all, we start with creating a document store object. For the required InfoArea of the project area choose New > Document Store. The below dialog will appear.

2. Enter the technical name of your document store, which is a prerequisite. You can enter description or if you want to use a document store as a template, choose Browse to select if from the existing document stores.
Once your job is finished, click on the Finish button to create a new document store object.

3. The Document Store maintenance screen appears. On the General tab, the system displays the technical name and the description. To assign the document store to InfoProviders, switch to the InfoProvider tab and choose Add

4. Once the infoprovider is added, the document store object must be activated. Please note that you have to activate the document store again if the InfoProvider assigned is changed.

5. The generated DataStore objects can be found whose name begins with /1BW using the search function in the BW modeling tools. Note that you cannot change the generated DataStore objects. 

6. By clicking on wrench symbol(1), you can display further information on document store object. "Show Document" button (2) on the menu, shows the already added comments.

7. Now the document store object is created. Next prerequisite is to maintain the query properties.

Choose the query > select the tab "Runtime Properties" (step1) > turn on the Document Support (step2) > assign your document store (step3)

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