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Find here a list of BI downloads.

  • Download Package - the BI Template Wizard:
    • This package offers a simple wizard to create and maintain User Interface Patterns based on SAP BW Web Templates. For more information read this  howto.
  • Crystal Reports for SAP Business One
    • Now by utilizing the UI API provided as part of the SAP Business One SDK and the Crystal Reports .Net Winform viewer, any user of SAP Business One can access and run the reports published securely on to the SAP Business One menus.
  • BI Data Widget 2.80
    • With the SAP BI Java SDK you can build analytical applications that access, manipulate, and display both multidimensional (OLAP) and tabular (relational) data. The BI Java SDK consists of a Java application programming interface in Java class libraries, documentation, and examples. The applications you create can access, manipulate, and display OLAP and relational data from diverse data sources. (BW 3.5 SPS19, 20.8 MB)
  • XMLA Analysis Tool (Client)
    • XML for Analysis (XMLA) is an open Web service interface designed specifically for OLAP and data mining functions. SAP Business Information Warehouse supports this emerging industry standard as of its 3.0 release. The download provides a simple XMLA client that is written in JavaScript and embedded into an HTML file (based on Business Information Warehouse 3.0, 1 MB)