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EI APD Overview


For a general idea of what APD can do and how you can use Analysis Process Designer to assist in data formatting


Analysis Process Desginer can be helpful to manipulate data and combine data sources so that new reports are available. This can be beneficial for presenting data to different levels of management.

APD at a Glance ..

Analysis Process Designer allows the user to create new information out of existing data. It is possible to transform the information available so that the new data is relevant for the users requirements. The results can then be written back to the BW database or can be made available in other operational systems (for example - CRM)

The user creates the APD within transaction RSANWB. Within the APD workbench, you can easily manipulate your data by combining the available steps into one single data process. Data sources and be any infoprovider or even a query which allows you to further combine data to be used in new scenarios.

For steps and details on creating an APD are available in Getting Started in APD

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