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  • EI - APD Troubleshooting DataSource with InfoProvider
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Access to the datasource infoprovider is done via the RSDRI interface.

To troubleshoot issues with APD InfoProvider Datasource the RSDRI debug report can be used, see SAP Notes:

  • 1998586 How to Generate the Debug Report Z_RSDRI_INFOPROV_READ_DEBUG for APD
  • 302937 Debugging APO/SEM/CRM read/write interface in BW 3.x, 7.x
  • 995951 Analysis/Required infos for wrong values in RSDRI

A breakpoint can be set:

  • for 3.x  to 7.3 in function RSDRI_INFOPROV_READ
  • starting with 7.4 in method CL_RSDRI_INFOPROV~READ



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