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Hidden Key Figures in APD processing 


APD processing returns incorrect or no results when hidden key figures are contained within a query that is then used as a APD datasource.


Since the APD feature was created back in the BW 3.x system, the system could never handle hidden key figures correctly. This is still a limitation. 

Handling Hidden Key Figures

In many analysis processing designer scenarios, a query is included which, when executed, provides the data for the remaining process. When a query is used as the datasource for APD processing, the query must not have any hidden key figures. The system cannot handle hidden key figures and the results of the APD will either be distorted or show 0 values. The key figures are available but the order in which the data transfer works is not handled correctly and therefore incorrect results can be produced – even if the assignments appear to be correct.

As a workaround, you can redisplay the key figures in the query which puts the figures back to the correct columns for processing and outputting. Then the data is corrected and the values are returned as expected.

You can find further detail in SAP Note 792671

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