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Text Qualifiers for CSV files 


To show the limitations of using text qualifiers in resulting csv files in APD


Generally when using CSV files, outputted data can include commas and semi-colons as standard. This is not standard in analysis processing.

Use of text qualifiers in APD

At design stage in analysis processing, the user decides the type of result that is to be outputted. Where a csv file is the result, the presumption that text qualifiers are used is not permitted. If the output is created with comma separators and the result text includes a comma in the data, where standard use of csv files would cater for this by encasing the text with double-quotation marks, within APD the comma within the text is determined to be a column separator and this renders the output useless in many cases. The data is returned as expected but as the double-quotation text qualifiers are not included.

For example, the text string contains company name data that includes commas as part of the data. The commas are incorrectly interpreted as field separators rather than string data. There is no option in APD to enable text qualifiers when generating the CSV file.

Normally, when a flat file is used as a data source, the header line is expected to be in a particular format for the APD to recongnize and process it further. Keeping this in mind, APD is designed such that when a flat file is used as target in APD, the header line contains this special format so that it can be used as source in other APDs.


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