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The integration of SAP BW into SAP Gateway means that analytic queries can be provided as BW OData Queries or Easy Queries for mobile scenarios. In this page we focus on Easy Queries, a detailed discussion of the topic OData Queries can be found here:

For both cases, EQ and OData Query, certain settings have to be maintained in the BW backend system for the content creation user. This can be done with the help of report EQ_RS_AUTOSETUP, see 1944258 for further details.


Easy Query has been replaced by OData Query in SAP BW/4HANA, for details check note  2470206 and 

SAP Online Documentation

SCN Blogs and Introduction

SCN Blog: Easy Queries on SAP NetWaever BW - Introducing the feature 

SAP Notes

Consulting Notes
  • 2131107 - EQ: Error reading variant and exception CX_SY_REF_IS_INITIAL
  • 1963770 - GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED Dump when Test Easy Query in EQMANAGER
Setup Notes
  • 1944258 - Easy query setup: Setup-Report
  • 1904623 - EQ: Limitations for SOAP & EQ-RFC --> Variables!

Tables, functions and transactions

Table RSEQ_DIR: Directory of Bex queries enabled as EasyQuery
  • contains the web service and the functions module generated when flagging the Easy Query
Function RSEQ_START_GENERATION: generation of function module and web service stub
  • allows fast generation of an Easy query function and web service
  • can be used to check error message in more details
  • Sample: 

T ID                   NUM MESSAGE
E BW_BICS_EQ           042 Either package $EQ_GEN does not exist or authorization is invalid
I BW_BICS_EQ           005 Generation process started for easy query ZQ_1234

    • This function is called within function RSEQ_START_GENERATION
    • It can be used to debug the processing in dialog mode
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