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  • Endless Loop When Selecting Filter Value
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After maintaining filter values in the Transformation Filter in the Analysis Process Designer, an endless loop is triggered.The issue happens after the following steps:

  1. Start the Analysis Process Designer, transaction RSANWB.
  2. Select an Analysis Process.
  3. Select Change mode.
  4. Select properties from the Filter object's context menu.
  5. Select the 'Complex Selection' button.  
  6. Make the necessary selections.
  7. Select the OK (Enter) button from the Transformation Filter.
  8. The next screen to appear is not the APD workbench screen, instead the Complex Selection from point 5 reappears.

This problem is related to the kernel patch.


The issue is corrected by the following patch levels. Please ensure the kernel is patched to the levels below or higher. 

  • 700 305
  • 701 146
  • 720  92

More details of the problem are provided in SAP Note No. 1498377 - 'Default cursor and table control' (component BC-ABA-SC).

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