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If you recieve the following error message when adding additional CKFs (calculated key figures) and RKFs (restricted key figures):

x299 Brain in SAPLRRI2; Form CHECK_MAX_MEMMERS-01-

The reason for this error is as follows:

This termination is deliberate if 1,000 or more elements are defined in  
a structure.  At some point, the limits of feasibility are reached and this limit of   
1,000 individually defined columns in a structure cannot be extended.   

 This is explained in note 795990 

How can you check if the CKF and RKF has exceeded the 1,000 elements? 

 Set the break point at the below coding.            
*                                                                     *       
*       FORM CHECK_MAX_MEMMERS                                                
*                                                                     *       
FORM check_max_memmers USING i_th_struc TYPE rri2_th_struc.                   
  DATA: l_i TYPE i.                                                           
  DESCRIBE TABLE i_th_struc LINES l_i.                                        
  IF l_i GE rrk_c_kid_mult.                                                   
    PERFORM x_message USING rs_c_true 'CHECK_MAX_MEMMERS-01-'.                
ENDFORM.                    "CHECK_MAX_MEMMERS                                
Then you may easily find the value of i_th_struc, when query running.         
i_th_struc                     Table[??? ]                                    
l_i                                  ????                                     
rrk_c_kid_mult                       1000   

If the value of i_th_struc is 1,000 or above this means that you have reached the limitation and need to redesign your query or make the query smaler