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Execute the query/template in portal:

You can executed the template in two ways.

  1. Execute the template from webapplication designer
  2. otherwise if want execute template from backend. Call Tcode: SE38 -> RS_TEMPLATE_MAINTAIN_70  -> enter the template name and version is active -> execute -> click execute button.

 - Default Template “0ANLAYSIS_PATTERN”


   After executed the template common issue:
            - Request URI too Long
            - Portal runtime error
                     - Correct Supportdesk tool is RED signal as per the note: 2113395
                     - SSO is working fine or not
                     - As per the note: 1789842 patch level 0 is not support so please display latest java patch of your SP. If you are in latest patch please redeploy the java patch and restart it.
                     - Check iView properties is correctly maintained in portal

             - Characteristic <info Object> has no Master Data for <Technical ID>
                      In Release 7.01, this function is deactivated by default. Therefore, if you enter an incorrect value, the system issues an error message and the value is deleted.
                      To reactivate the old behavior, set the RSDAMIN parameter ALLOW_INVALID_VARIABLE_VALUES in the ABAP back end to "X" (transaction SE38 ->SAP_RSADMIN_MAINTAIN)   and DISABLE_NO_MASTER_DATA_WARNING=X.

                       Please check the note: 1451699 and 1546051 for more information

Please check below note for common issue in portal

1843466 - Common issue with web template graph/IGS

1843538 - Common issue with variable/selection/filter screen F4 value

1854937 - Common issue with Export to pdf

1854956 - Common issue with Export to excel 

2113395 - Supportdesk Tool RED signal checking trouble shooting guide

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