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Creation of export datasource

The creation of export datasource is only possible for classic provider types as:

  • Infocube (CUBE)
  • Classic Datastore Object (ODS)
  • Infoobject (IOBJ)

You would like to create an export datasource for one of the objects above. You can do this by right click on the object and select 'Additional Functions' - 'Generate Export DataSource' from the context menu.
Additional information in case of an InfoObject:

  • Export DataSource with regards to an IOBJ used as an InfoProvider means that the attributes, texts and hierarchies belonging to the characteristic can be extracted into other BW systems
  • If the InfoObject has the 'with Master Data' checkbox selected, then an OLTPSOURCE of type 8<InfoObject name>M will be created and exist in table ROOSOURCE. This applies ONLY if attributes do exist. Otherwise, the export datasource will not be created for Master Data attributes.
  • The same logic applies if the 'with texts' / 'with hierarchies' checkbox is selected. An OLTPSOURCE  of type 8<InfoObject name>T / 8<InfoObject name>H will be created in table ROOSOURCE.
  • if you need an export datasource of an infoobject, it is suggested to set the flag directly in the InfoObject and transport the InfoObject. The system will create an export datasource in the target transport system automatically.


  • in case of a DSO or an InfoCube the replication and the creation of the dataflow will be done automatically. It means, that you will be able to see the export datasource in the datasource tree right after creation.

  • in case of an InfoObject the replication needs to be done manually, it can't be done automatically due to technical reasons. You can either do this in Tcode RSA1 - DataSources - Replicate Metadata, OR in Tcode RSA1 - Source Systems - Replicate DataSources. This won't do any harm to your system, no negative impact, this procedure is normal and SAP standard.
  • If you don't want to replicate all the datasources, you may consider following SAP note:
    1885443 - Replication of Datasources
    After installing this note and executing the manual activities you'll be able to replicate only a selected version of a DataSource or only 1 DataSource not all of them. (see details within the note)

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