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1. List object is too large to be exported
2. key figures value with "ZERO" are formatted as TEXT calculation not possible
3. Wrong exception color when exported
4. JavaScript during drag & drop after export to Excel
5. Export to Excel results in blank windows opening up
6. portal crash/memory/timeout issue during EXPORT to Excel
7. the exported file name is the name of the template, want to change the name
8. Percent (%) not exported when using cumulative Calculation
9. Get the warning message "The file you are trying to open is in a different format...".
10. Repeats suppressed values when doing export to excel
11. Export to Excel generate a very big file
12. java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: sun.awt.motif.MToolkit (initialization failure)
13. Missing Notification on Downloads of documents
14. disappearing chart image after exporting the content to Excel
15. prompted logon screen when doing export to excel
16. Decimal places ignored when there are values of 0,0 after export to excel
17. Hidden columns are visible when exported
18. Unable to save a file in XLSX format
19. The headers of the columns are merged
20. Standard images like sorting icon, document icon, hierarchy icon, etc. While exporting to excel, these images are also
      exported together which in turn causes performance issue while opening the excel file.



Increased the Max Size Limit to 65536 rows and 256 columns. For Table and Pivot Table option of Excel Export. This change is available for
officeintegration technology only and no adaption is possible to old SAP Macros. Import the relevant ABAP patch.

NOTE: If you Export a Large list object there could be a performance  problem and the same will be dirctly proportional to the
amount of DATA (size of list object) Exported. The Maximum limits with XXL Export: Number of Rows - 65536. Number of Columns - 256. Size of individual cell - 255 Characters.
Please refer the note: 700206 for more information.


Please check the note: 1739914 for solution.


Please check the note: 1782290 for solution.


Please refer the note: 1672941 for solution.


Please check the note: 1500294 for solution.


   Please check the note: 1178857 in “Performance” content it explained in detailed.
   Also check the note: 1697539.


This is working as designed. The BW always created the export file with this template name.


Please refer the note: 1744304 for solution.


 Please refer the note: 1517552 for solution.


In BI 7.0 Web the behavior of exporting a pivot table to excel was wrong. That means, if pivot table in web did not show repeated text, this was true also for the exported excel document. It solved this problem with SPS 9 => note 964609. Since this SPS we ALWAYS repeat the texts in excel export. From SAP perspective it now works as designed. The setting "do not repeat text" in WAD is only valid for the HTML and PDF view, but not for data oriented formats like Excel & CSV.


Please go through note 1178857 to get details about that feature.
• The export to Excel function is supported as of Excel 2003. It generates an XHTML file in the Multi Mime format. This means that Mimes (for example, icons and screens) are stored in the file."
• When you save as XLS, the format will be then compressed by Excel functionality. That is the reason why you get very small files after saving it as.


Please refer the note: 1717768 for solution.


 Please refer the note: 1784773 for solution.


Please refer the note: 1702994 for solution.


Please refer the note: 487456 for solution.


Please refer the note: 1254029 for solution.


Please refer the note: 1754345 for solution.


Please refer to SAP Note 1178857 for the info about Export to Excel function. The .xlsx extension is still not available due to compatibility issues.


The headers of the columns are merged as key and text of the same object should have the same header. This works as designed.


Please check the note: 1622746 for solution.




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