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Consuming External View in BW: Privileges of user SAP<SID>

When External HANA views are used in a Hana Calculation view which is a Partprovider of an HCPR(CompositeProviders), it is necessary that the so called SAP<SID> user has the privileges to access the External Hana View. Otherwise a query based on the HCPR will terminate with error messages like the following one "exception 306003: Authorization failed in Calculation Engine. User is not authorized to 'SELECT'". The SAP<SID> user(e.g. see GUI: 'System'->'Status'→ Database Owner)is always used when a BW query is executed to run the corresponding statement on the Hana database. Hence, this specific db user also needs the privilege to run select statements on the External Hana View. Since this db user does not exist in BW, it is not possible to 'directly' generate the authorizations by running transaction RS2HANA_GEN(see Generating SAP Hana Analysis Authorizations). However, the privileges of this special user are always checked and generated(if necessary) when RS2HANA_GEN is used for any BW user. See e.g. the following screenshot(where SAPBIX is the SAP<SID> user of this BW system) :

When you check the privileges of a SAP<SID> user, you can see that 'full authorizations' are assigned(see also Generation of Full Authorization):

Please assure that all coding corrections from the notes listed below are implemented.

There is also a possibility to use this check in transaction RS2HANA_CHECK:

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