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When activating BW objects like HANA-optimized InfoCubes, you can generate SAP HANA views with the same structures (see provider setting 'External SAP HANA view'). This enables you to create scenarios where data, which is modeled in the BW system, is merged with data modeled in SAP HANA with SAP HANA tools. You can thus access BW data via SQL front ends. All applications that can read SAP HANA views can process the data, more details can be found in the SAP online documentation: Generating SAP HANA Views from the BW System.

From a technical point of view it is important to stress the fact that a query which is executed on the SAP HANA view retrieves the data directly from SAP HANA, without accessing the BW system at all.

The following objects are supported:

  • SAP HANA-optimized InfoCubes
  • DataStore objects
  • InfoObjects
  • Queries
  • CompositeProviders
  • local CompositeProviders in the BW Workspace and queries.

Transaction RS2HANA_ADMIN enables you to manage SAP HANA views from BW objects. SAP Hana Views are stored by default in the SAP Hana Content Package ''.

SAP Online Documentation
Transactions and Reports
  • RS2HANA_CHECK: Checks all of the required prerequisites for a successful replication of the BW authorizations
  • RS2HANA_ADMIN: Displays an overview of all of the BW objects with an external SAP HANA view. Allows you to manage the views from BW Objects. Check and repair the HANA views themselves in transaction RS2HANA_ADMIN.
  • RS2HANA_GEN (same as SE38 report RS2HANA_AUTH_RUN) Replicate BW Analysis Authorizations to Hana. Complete clean-up and re-build of generated HANA privileges.
  • RS2HANA_VIEW: Make central settings in relation to the external SAP HANA view.SAP HANA authorizations are assigned to one user. You can define how this user is generated here.  
SAP Components
  • BW-WHM-MTD-HMOD-AUT(Generating SAP Hana Analysis Authorizations)
  • BW4-ME-HMOD-AUT(Generating SAP Hana Analysis Authorizations)



SAP Online Documentation
SDN Article

SAP First Guidance – SAP BW 7.4 on SAP HANA - SAP HANA View Generation


BW External HANA View

SAP Consulting Notes
  • 2317197 -External SAP HANA View: Frequently asked questions, feature availability
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