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It is possible to restrict the input help in the variable screen according to different criteria by using the Business Add-In (BAdI) RSR_VARIABLE_F4_RESTRICT_BADI. In transaction SE18, enhancement spot RSR_VARIABLE_F4_RESTRICT, you can find a documentation (button 'BADI Documentation'). Click here to get it displayed. There is also the class CL_RSR_VAR_F4_RESTRICT_EXAMPLE where you can find some simple sample code.

There are 3 methods:

  • IF_RSR_VARIABLE_F4_RESTRICT~GET_RESTRICTION_FLAT  -  to restrict F4 help for value variables
  • IF_RSR_VARIABLE_F4_RESTRICT~GET_RESTRICTION_NODE  -  to restrict F4 help for ´hierarchy node variables
  • IF_RSR_VARIABLE_F4_RESTRICT~GET_RESTRICTION_HIER  -  to restrict F4 help for hierarchy variables

If the characteristic is defined with a conversion routine, the restriction defined in F4 BADI should use internal format values.


SAP Notes

  • 1416952 - F4 BAdi
  • 3253170 - HCPR with fields without associations: Deactivating the value help

  • 2062756 - F4 BADI (for hierarchy node variables)   After note 2233060, you will get a better documentation in SE18 for GET_RESTRICTION_NODE.
  • 2169597 - BICS : Reducing F4 BADI Calls
  • 2742363 - Performance Optimization: Access to hierarchy directory
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