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Time and Technical Characteristics


Starting with BW release 7.0 the master data type 'Own Implementation' can be used. A master data read class is then created for master data retrieval.

Time characteristics and special technical characteristics (e.g. 0INFOPROV, 0FISCYEAR, 0CALMONTH...) have such a master data read class(see note 1387166 ). All master data and texts are returned by these ABAP classes. There is no need to load the master data for these objects. It is recommended to use the latest/current delivered content version(as explained in notes 2194279 and 2074801)

Important SAP Notes/KBAs
  • 2194279 - Check report for technical characteristics and time characteristics
    • The report RSD_TIME_TCT_MREADCLASS_CHECK can be used to check for active versions that differ from current content versions.
  • 2074801 - Dumps and Issues with special InfoObjects like 0FISCYEAR, 0CALMONTH...
    • After an upgrade to BW releases 7.x several errors can occur when older content versions are in use that do not yet have the master data read class enabled.
  • 1387166  - Master Data Read Class
    • A list of infoobjects and their respective master data read classes can be found in this note.

Time Characteristics

The exact definition depends on the content release. E.G. on BW/4Hana systems 0CALDAY is shipped with (navigation) attributes in contrast to BW75 systems. Please check the corresponding links below for a detailed discussion of a certain object. In case the characteristic has navigation attributes you can use transaction RSRHIERARCHYVIRT to rebuild the master data tables(note 2608688). In case of 0CALDAY, 0CALMONTH and 0CALQUATER, also the SID table is filled with all values according to the definition of the time interval in this transaction. The characteristics 0FISCPER depends on the fiscal variant(0FISCVARNT) and is maintained with transaction OB29. A detailed discussion of all these time characteristics can be found below.

As already mentioned above, it is recommended to use the latest/current delivered content version of these characteristics. For some characteristics it is possible to use navigation attributes, see Navigation Attributes for Time Characteristics and the corresponding page of the object below. 

SAP Notes and Online Docu
Object-Related Discussion

Technical Characteristics

SAP Notes/KBAs

  • 2419270 - Duplicate SIDs in table /BI0/SIOBJNM
  • 2147104 - SQL-Error: "T000*"."LANGU": invalid identifier
  • 2825801 - Issues with 0LANGU and 0BCTCOMP during postmigration
  • 2074801 - Dumps and Issues with special InfoObjects

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