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Benefits of FPN as portal content sharing option

   Content persisted once - accessed from other locations
   Different content sharing modes suitable for different administrative setups
   For connected portals FPN handles centrally
       Session Management 
      Languages …


FPN Portal -Setup

Each portal in the federation can be a producer, consumer, or both, depending on whether it exposes its content for other portals or uses remote content exposed by other portals.

 -->Producer portal
A portal installation that provides other portals (consumers) with remote access to its locally-deployed applications.
--> Consumer portal
A portal installation that accesses remote applications provided by another portal (a producer).

SAP NetWeaver Portal provides different ways for consumers to use remote content by NW and non-SAP producers in a federated portal network.

•Remote Role Assignment (RRA)
You can create and maintain all portal content on the producer portal, and on the central consumer portal the administrator just has to assign this remote role to users.

•Remote Delta Link (RDL)
    You  have a mixed content administration, meaning that certain portal content are defined on the producer portal, other parts of the content, is created on the consumer portal

•Application Integration (AI) – obsolete –
     This scenario is not a “real” remote content scenario. No session management and control.

•WSRP application sharing
      Used by third party systems

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