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  • Find OData Service URI in a Fiori App
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When a Fiori App built on a CDS view query doesn't work as expected (tile not load, wrong data, or hit errors), the URI to access backend BW OData Service is needed for further troubleshooting.

Do steps below to find the URI:

  1. run the Fiori App in IE
  2. click 'F12'  (or IE menu icon 'Tools' → F12 Developer Tools
  3. This will call up the developer tool. In this mode, reproduce the issue in Fiori App
  4. In tab Console, the error info from backend system is displayed:
  5. In tab Network, the URI to access the backend OData Service can be found:
  6. In backend BW system (or S/4HANA system), in transaction /n/iwfnd/gw_client, copy this URI in and run it. Check whether the same error can be reproduced directly on backend.
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