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LOST IDOCS? by Paulo Junior - please award points to him (and credit - great Blog!)

Configurations in the Source System


Check if the ports and output modes are properly set:

  1. Under the “Partner Type LS” folder, click on the logical name of the BW system.
  2. Double click on  the Message Type RSINFO from the “Outbound Paramtrs.” frame.
  3. Make sure the Output Mode is set to transfer the IDOCs Immediately.
  4. Double click on the “Receiver port”.
  5. Ensure the port is pointing to the correct RFC Destination.
  6. Repeat steps 2, 3, 4 and 5 for the RSSEND Message Type and steps 2 and 3 for the RSRQST  inbound parameter.


Sometimes, the issue is caused by lack of resources.

The Max. Conn. Parameter can be increased if all connections are being used. This setting will adjust the maximum number of dialog work processes that can be used to transfer the qRFCs LUWs to the destination.

The Status "WAITING" in SMQS may indicate the necessity of increasing the "Max. Conn." parameter. The "INACTIVE" status means the limit has not been reached yet.

However, you should also consider the number of dialog processes that are present in the BW system. The maximum number of connections should be half of this number, but usually, not more than 10. For example:

  • If BW has 16 Dialog Proceses, Max. Conn. should be the half: 8.
  • If BW has 24 Dialog Processes, Max. Conn. should be 10.

Relevant SAP Notes:

1163359 - Load methods using SMQS or SAPI-controlled to transfer to BW.

916706 - Number of dialog processes for data transfer.

1143904 - P18:SDL:SMQS:load distribution in data transfer: source->BW.

Users Authorizations:

To be 100% honest, I have never dealt myself with any issue that was solved by this. I did find some OSS messages though, so it's always good to make sure this is properly set. 

The RFC user on BW, which receives data from the OLTP system (assigned on SM59 in the Source System) should have the S_BI-WHM_RFC profile. This may be checked in SU01 in the BW system.

The RFC user on the OLTP system, which receives requests from the BW system, should have the S_BI-WX_RFC profile. This may be checked in SU01 in the Source System.  This profile will be used to connect the OLTP to BW, extract data, send data to BW and show monitoring logs.

SAP Notes:

1478123 - FAQ: Source system.

150315 - BW-Authorizations for Remote-User in BW and OLTP.

TRFC Issues

There is also a chance that the IDOCs are missing due to bugs in the tRFC programs. The list below contains the most important tRFC Notes that correct common bugs that affect BW loads. Most of them should be applied in the Source System.

I decided not to make it a Wiki because this list was made based on solutions of OSS Messages. I'll make additions as more is found. Please, feel free to make suggestions.

1460643- Performance problems with asynchronous RFC.

Kernel patch: 7.01: 89 and 7.20: 45

1250813 - SAPLARFC uses all dialog work processes.

Release independent.

1377863 - Max no of gateways exceeded.

Kernel patch: 7.00: 220 and 6.40: 296.

1280898 - IDoc hangs when it is to be sent immediately with qRFC.

620 SAPKB62066

640 SAPKB64024

640 SAPKB64025

700 SAPKB70019

701 SAPKB70104

710 SAPKB71008

711 SAPKB71102

711 SAPKB71103

1055679 - IDoc-tRFC inbound with immediate processing may not work.

620 SAPKB62064

640 SAPKB64022

700 SAPKB70015

1051445 - qRFC scheduler does not use all available resources.

46C SAPKB46C55

620 SAPKB62063

640 SAPKB64021

1032638 - Myself extraction: Cursor disappears, IDocs in status 30.

PI_BASIS 2005.1 620 - 2005.1 700 Support Package 11

995057 - Multiple execution of tRFC.

46C SAPKB46C54

620 SAPKB62062

640 SAPKB64020

700 SAPKB70011

977283 - Outbound scheduler remains in WAITING status for a long time.

Release 610 SAPKB61048

Release 620 SAPKB62061

Release 640 SAPKB64019

Release 700 SAPKB70010

913330 - tRFC LUWs are not created.

46B SAPKB46B60

46C SAPKB46C52

46D SAPKB46D43

610 SAPKB61046

620 SAPKB62058

640 SAPKB64017

700 SAPKB70007

869628 - Constant WAITUPDA in SMQ1 and performance optimization.

46B SAPKB46B60

46C SAPKB46C52

46D SAPKB46D43

610 SAPKB61045

610 SAPKB61046

620 SAPKB62056

620 SAPKB62057

640 SAPKB64015

700 SAPKB70006

(Thank Isabel Grande for providing this list)