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The FIX operator is a new data function available as of BW74. It is needed in case a calculated key figure uses Constant Selection and Exception Aggregation regarding the same characteristic in order to get the expected values displayed.
The data that flows into the exception aggregation is grouped by the reference characteristic of the exception aggregation. In case constant selection is used regarding this characteristic, the "GROUP BY" clause needs be ignored during calculation of the exception aggregation. This is done by the fix operator - it "fixates the aggregation context".

Simple Sample Query (see transaction RSFC)

The following example should convey the basic idea of this feature. In the list of sales representatives, you want to define a query to count the number of sales representatives who have achieved their net sales greater than 15% of the total net sales for the relevant time period.

 Query Result:

There are four key-figures in this example:

  • Net Sales (basic key figure): This structure element displays the net sales for each sales representative.
  • Net Sales CS Sales Representative (constant selection on sales representative): In this key figure, constant selection is activated on the sales representative. As there are no restrictions in this structure element, the net sales for all sales representatives in each cell regardless of what is in the drilldown.
  • 15 % of Net Sales CS Sales Representative: In this structure element, the constant selection key figure is multiplied with 0,15 to derive the threshold value for the net sales compared with sales representative.
  • Net Sales > 15 % of Net Sales CS Sales Representative: In this structure, the FIX operator is used along with the relational operator “>” to find out which Sales Representative’s Net Sales is greater than the threshold value. An exception aggregation SUM over sales representative is added, to count the number of sales representatives having net sales greater than the threshold value. Formula: Net Sales > FIX( 0,15 * (Net Sales CS Sales Representative)

without Fix operator the result would be as follows

The last column does not display the expected values and this is the reason why the fix operator is needed in this situation!

Query Designer:

key figure Net Sales CS Sales Representative


key figure Net Sales > 15 % of Net Sales CS Sales Representative

SAP Online Documentation

Fix Operator

Transaction RSFC

In order to better understand OLAP features, it is recommended to play around with the delivered sample queries in transaction RSFC (How to use RSFC, see KBA 1508237). Regarding Current member Variables are 2 sample queries.

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