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To explain the differences between calculate key figures, restricted key figures and formulas.


Queries can contain different types of key figures, Restricted, calculated and also formulas.  Below is an explanation of each.

Restricted Key Figures 

The key figure is restricted based on a particular characteristic filter.  A filter his can be done at query level in the "Filters" tab of query designer or at query output level by doing "Select Filter Value". This filter restrcition applies to whole query unlike in RKF where the filter restriction is only for that key figure.

Restricted Keyfigure is keyfigure where you can restrict with Characteristics.

Example1) If you want to value with Actuals or Plan where you will be having same Keyfigure ex.Quantity. two version = 10 (Actuals) and 20 (Plan)
Restricted Keyfigure with Actuals, select version =10 n Quantity keyfigure
Restricted Keyfigure with Plan, select version = 20 n Quantity Keyfigure

Example 2)  Restricted KF is means to restrict a particular KF with some characteristics value. Suppose your key figure is Sales Quantity and you want to restrict it based on any Material which is your Characteristics then simply drag and drop your KF and right clk on it and just restrict it by the characteristics Material.this will restrict your KF Sales Quantity on the Material Characteristics.

Example (diffrence)

When you use a Filter, i.e. use a char and restrict it to some values in the filter area, this applies to all the KF you may include in the query. On the other hand in an RKF, the restriction of char values affects only this key figure. 

(Restricted Key Figure) In your sales analysis report you have customer,material,sales qty,value for an year..You want to show current month sales one more column.You will create a restritcted key figure based on the current month and show it in the report.You will end up with a report
customer,material,sales qty,value,Current Month Qty,Current Month value.
(Filters) The above report you want to show only the current month sales.You will create a filter where the 0CALMONTH = current Month with customer,material,sales qtym,value for the current month only.

Calculated Keyfigure

If you want add one more filed in reporting point of view, that means for example you have employee salary and commision two key figures are there you want to add one more field, that is Tax, so, you can add one new filed by using some formula.. and caliculate the TAX.  This is called caliculated keyfigure (CKF)

Example 1. In a DSO we have two iteam Qty and price... and in target we require Revenue.
So it will be Price * Qty= Revenue ( CKF)  Again suppose u require the revenue for the month of April 2008.
Now with the Help of RKF you can restrict the revenue for the month of April 2008 only,  so that in RSRT (query) you will find the revenue for the month or April. 

Example 2. You have sales amount in your cude with base currency and you want to show that in the report in say 7 different currencies. Which means the same keyfigure in different currencies. Then you can go for a restricted key figure and restrict it in the new selections in columns and set the target currency in the properties.  This will display amt in diff currencies.
Use can use a calculated key figure for furthur calculations globally.
Basically u will be creating calculated and restricted keyfigures globally which can be used across different queries on the same info providers.

Diffrence between RKF and a selection :  The only difference could be that the RKFs are usable entities that is you can reuse them from one query to another based on the same infoprovider, but if you do not save a selection, then you cannot resuse them in other queries.  You need to save them so that they ca be used as RKF's just as formulas so that they can be used as CKF's.


A formula is local to a query while a calculated Keyfigure is global.  When u create a formula it is available for only for that Query. Calculated KeyFigure is applicable across all Queries on same InfoProvider. A Fomula doesnt have Tech name where as CKF must have.  All the formula functions from formula builder will be avaialable while creating a formula where as only few of the formula functions are available for CKF.

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    Just in addition to the above document-

    Selections- Selections are local to the report and it works as RKF specific for one report where it is built.