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  • Function Module FACTORYDATE_CONVERT_TO_DATE - Calendar function: Returns factory calendar date for a date
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The purpose of this page is to clarify the understanding of the function module FACTORYDATE_CONVERT_TO_DATE.


FACTORYDATE_CONVERT_TO_DATE is a Calendar function that returns date for a factory calendar date
In the factory calendar the working days are numbered sequentially from the first working day. The numbers of the working days are called factory dates. This function module calculates the date for a factory date.

How to use it?

Call transaction SE37 with function module FACTORYDATE_CONVERT_TO_DATE.

Import parameters


Export parameters

  • DATE

Function Group

  • SCAL

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Notes describing and correcting function module FACTORYDATE_CONVERT_TO_DATE are below:

1285238 0PM_PRM_PLCS_1: Errors during extraction, poor performance
798787 RSAR 194: Formula in InfoObject ..: ..
790371 DATE_AFTER_RANGE exception when executing a query
675021 "Old" variable SAP exits do not work in InfoSet 598241 Extracting requests: Lead time is incorrect


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