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  • Function Module HOLIDAY_CHECK_AND_GET_INFO - Public holiday check with information
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The purpose of this page is to clarify the understanding of the function module HOLIDAY_CHECK_AND_GET_INFO.


HOLIDAY_CHECK_AND_GET_INFO checks whether the date passed is a holiday. If so, the holiday attributes can be returned, if desired. As several holidays can occur on one date, the attributes are passed in a table.

How to use it?

Call transaction SE37 with function module HOLIDAY_CHECK_AND_GET_INFO.

Import parameters

  • DATE

Export parameters

  • HOLIDAY_FOUND                            

Function Group

  • SCAL

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Notes describing and correcting function module HOLIDAY_CHECK_AND_GET_INFO are below:

1841990  HRPL: PLZLA - Firing period on Sunday
1570676  BANK_CHECK_HOLIDAY returns exception CALENDER_ERROR
458897  RPCRTXJ0: Incorrect handling of holidays
155301  Incorrect holiday calculation
110002  Feiertagsprüfung


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