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  • GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED dump in Analysis Process Designer
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Issue: The following ABAP dump occurs while working in the APD.


ABAP Programming Error

Runtime Errors


ABAP Program


Application Component


Short text

Field symbol has not yet been assigned.

Reproducing the Issue: This dump can occur while working with an Analysis Process in the APD. Common functions that trigger this dump are checking the Analysis Process with the 'check' button or editing the Analysis Process.


  1. Check that the query being used in the Analysis Process Designer does not have any hidden key figures. In Analysis Process Designer hidden key figures are not allowed. See SAP Note 792671. Despite the dump not matching the symptom of the note the solution should still be followed.
  2. This dump could also occur if there are no key figure elements included in the query definition. Check whether the problem resolved after including a key figure structure element in the column. You could choose, for instance, the generated key figure 1ROWCOUNT. 

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  1. In my pp01 screen, this error is coming again again when i try to maintain cost centre.