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General Errors in BW:
1. Time Stamp errors:  This can happen when there is some changes done on data source and data source is not replicated.
Execute T code SE38 in BW give program name as RS_Transtruc_Activate_All and execute the program. Give Info source and Source System and activate. This will replicate the data source and its status is changed to active. Once this is done, delete the request by changing technical status to red and trigger Info package to get delta back from source system.
2. Error log in PSA- Error occurred while writing to PSA: This is because of corrupt data or data is not in acceptable format to BW.
Check the cause of the error in Monitor in Detail tabsrip.This gives the record number and Info object having format issue. Compare the data with correct values and determine the cause of failure. Change the QM status of request in data target to red and delete the request. Correct the incorrect data in PSA and then upload data into data target from PSA.
3. Duplicate data error in Master data uploads: This can happen if there are duplicate records from the source system. BW do not allow duplicate data records.
 If it is a delta update, change the technical status in the monitor to red and delete the request from the data target. If it is full upload delete the request.
Schedule again with the option in the Info package, "without duplicate data" for master data upload.
 4. Error occurred in the data selection: This can occur due to either bug in the info package or incorrect data selection in the info package.
Data selection checked in the info package and job is started again after changing the technical status to red and deleting the error request from the data target.
5. Processing (data packet) Errors occurred-Update (0 new / 0 changed): This can be because of data not acceptable to data target although data reached PSA.
Data checked in PSA for correctness and after changing the bad data uploaded back into data target from PSA.
6. Processing (data packet) Errors occurred-Transfer rules (0 Records): These errors happen when the transfer rules are not active and mapping the data fields is not correct.
 Check for transfer rules, make relevant changes and load data again.
 7. Missing messages - Processing end Missing messages: This can be because of incorrect PSA data, transfer structure, transfer rules, update rules and ODS.
 Check PSA data, Transfer structure, transfer rules, Update rules or data target definition.
 8. Activation of ODS failed: This happens when data is not acceptable to ODS definition. Data need to be corrected in PSA.
 Check for Info object which has caused this problem in the monitor details tab strip. Delete request from data target after changing QM status to red. Correct data in PSA and update data back to data target from PSA.
   9. Source System not available: This can happen when request IDOC is sent source system, but the source system for some reason is not available.
 Ensure that source system is available. Change technical status of request to red and delete request from data target. Trigger Info package again to get data from source system.
 10. Error while opening file from the source system: This happens when either file is open or file is not deposited on server or not available.
 Arrange for file, delete error request from data target and trigger Info package to load data from file.
 11. While load is going on in R/3 table is locked: This happens when some data source is accessing R/3 transparent table and some transaction takes place in R/3.
 Change the technical status of job to red in the monitor and retrigger the job again from R/3.
 12. Object locked by user: This can happen when user or ALEREMOTE is accessing the same table.
 Change the technical status of job to red, delete request from data target and trigger Info package again. If its delta update it will ask for repeat delta, Click on Yes button.
 13. Process Chains Errors occurred in Daily Master Data: This occurs when Transaction data is loaded before Master data.
 Ensure to load Master data before Transaction data. Reload data depending on update mode (Delta/Full Update)
 14. Processing (data packet) No data: This can be because of some bug in Info package, rescheduling with another Info package corrects the problem.
 This type of problem we can solve with copy the Info package and reschedule the data.
 15. Database errors Enable to extend Table, enable to extend the Index: This is due to lack of space available to put further data.

16. Transaction Job Fails Giving Message: "NO SID FOUND FOR CERTAIN DATA RECORD" is due to some illegal characters for the Data records.

 17. Error Asking for Initialization: If you want to load data with the delta update you must first initialize the delta process. Afterwards the selection conditions that were used in the initialization can no longer be changed.
 18. Job Failure at Source System: Go to the background processing overview in the source system. You can get to this with the Wizard or the menu path Environment -> Job Overview -> In the source system (This is the alternate path to see the "Job Overview" at the Source System.)
    At source system you can see the reason for the Job Failure. Thus we need to take the action accordingly.
19. Invalid characters in load: BW accepts just capital letters and certain characters. The permitted characters list can be seen via transaction RSKC.
There are several ways to solve this problem:
1)       Removing erroneous character from R/3 (for example required vendor number that need to be changed can be found from PSA from line shown in error message)
2)       Changing or removing character in update rules (need to done by ABAP)
3)       Putting character to BW permitted characters, if character is really needed in BW
4)       If the bad character only happens once then it can be directly change/removed by editing the PSA
5)       Put ALL_CAPITAL in permitted characters. Needs to be tested first!
Editing and updating from PSA, first ensure that the load has been loaded in PSA, then delete the request from the data target, edit PSA by double clicking the field you wish to change and save. Do not mark the line and press change this will result in incorrect data. After you have corrected the PSA, right click on the not yet loaded PSA and choose "start immediately."
 20. Update mode R is not supported by the extraction API: This happens for loading of delta loads of MD attributes. Why has not been covered. Replicate the data source. Use SE38 and function module TRANSTRU_ACTIVATE_ALL.
Subsequently perform an initial load.

  1. Go to the info package.
  2. Delete the previous initial load
  3. Load the initial
  4. After the initial is successful check the solution by loading a delta      

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  1. Former Member

    Very nice document just a little correction Program name is RS_TRANSTRU_ACTIVATE_ALL not RS_Transtruc_Activate_All