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1. When do we go for Generic Extraction?

When the standard extractors are not supporting the extraction what you need.If you create a custom object say by combining certain base tables in R3 say custom tables ZTAB1 and ZTAB2. These two tables are not SAP provided tables and there will not be any standard extractors. So cases like this you will have to go for generic extractors.

2. I am trying to Delta enable the extractor but am not able to set it. or How to set Delta in a Generic Extractor?

You would choose a field which captures the time when the record was changed/inserted. That is what is referred to as time-stamp field.

3. What are the different types of Generic Extractor?

Generic extractors are of 3 types:
1. Based on table/view
2. Based on Infoset Query
3. Based on Function module

The first 2 are straight forward extraction where you would either use a standard SAP or custom table/view or Infoset query to extract data.

4. Why do you go for function module in generic extraction?

If you have to get data from more than 1 table and also incorporate some logic then you would use a fn module extractor. It is like a

program where you would code using ABAP and have all your logic incorporated.

5. How to create a Generic Extractor?

a. Go to RSO2,

b. Select whether you want to create Master data Attributes / Texts/Transaction data.

c. Give Datasource name ex: 'ZGEN_DS'

d. Then, choose whether you want to extract data directly from a Table/View/Function Module.

For Table, it is enough to mention directly the table name in the respected place.

For View, You have to create the view (database view, projection view...) using tcode se11. Then use that view name in the respected place of rso2.

For Function Module you have to define the function module.

e. Then choose Generate. It will give all the fields of the datasource created. there you can set further settings like ( inversion, hide...).

6. I have created a view for a set of fields for Generic Transactionaldata Extraction,For the generated extract structure, I have appended another set of fields now how to populate data for these fields.

7. how u will do setup in generic extraction?

you need not require to do a set up in generic extraction.It's only required in case of LIS can directly do a full load if the data source is not delta enabled or an init with data transfer if it a delta enabled generic extractor.There is no "set up process" for any extractor other then SAP delivered LO extractors.

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