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  • Global Exit Variables and effects on F4 help
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To describe the when a customer exit variable that is used in the global filter will be considered filled and can then be applied to the query.


When a query is restricted to a particular value in the global filter, it is applied immediately to the query.  When you run the query if it has another variable on the same infoobject the F4 help will be restricted to the values set in the global filter.

This seems obvious, but what if the global filter is set with a customer exit variable.

When a customer exit variable is setting the global filter, it cannot be set untill both calls to the exit occur, before the variable screen (I_STEP=1) and after the variable screen (I_STEP=2).  This means that if there is an input variable in the variable screen of the same infoobject it will have the choice of any authorized values independent of the values set in the I_STEP=1, this can seem unusual as when you run the query the filter value then with give a different set of values.


To illustrate this I created an example query called STAT/BK_LIV, The filters are set as,

 The variable BK_MANU is a customer exit variable and restricts the Club to MAN as per the below code.
Now when the query is run, you will see the BK_CLUB_IN doesnt restrict the LOV to what is set in the global filter. 

This is correct as the variable in the global filter has not been fully determined as it still has to be executed in I_STEP=2.

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