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In transaction RSDDB it is possible to create a "snapshot" of the data in a VirtualProvider. This feature got introduced with BW 7.30 and was meant for the BWA to index the data of a VirtualProvider persistently in a "snapshot"-index. Subsequent changes to the original data in the VirtualProvider are not automatically replicated to the BWA. Hence the "snapshot"-index needs to be rebuilt to be up to date.

With HANA a table is created instead of an index. The "snapshot" is not a BW-infoprovider. If this is required, the generated column view needs to be added into an infoprovider (OpenODS View) in order to run Bex queries on it. The example below shows how to create a VirtualProvider-snapshot in a BW-system with HANA and how to add it into an OpenODS View.

SAP Online Documentation

Indexing BW Data in the SAP HANA Database

Query as Infoprovider

In transaction RSDDV it is also possible to create a 'sbapshot' of the data of a Query as Infoprovider. 

See Example: RSDDB - 'Query as Infoprovider'


1. Activating the VirtualProvider snapshot in transaction RSDDB 

The VirtualProvider STPE_VC5 is based on a function-module ZSTPE_VIRTUAL_PROV_3:

The function-module calls RSDRI_INFOPROV_READ for a basic-cube STPE_OLAP:

This is also reflected in the query-statistics when executing the !-query "STPE_VC5/!STPE_VC5" in transaction RSRT:

We will now create a VirtualProvider-snapshot for STPE_VC5 in transaction RSDDB:

If we search for objects on the HANA-database with *STPE_VC5* after activating the snapshot in RSDDB, we get the following result in the "SAP HANA Studio":

Two obects got created:

  • a F-table 0BW:BIA:BIC_FSTPE_VC5 
  • a column view 0BW:BIA:STPE_VC5

 The layout of the F-table 0BW:BIA:BIC_FSTPE_VC5 is very similar to the F-table of cube STPE_OLAP which the VirtualProvider is retrieving data from:

However the F-table 0BW:BIA:BIC_FSTPE_VC5 only contains SIDs and not KEYs. The JOINs with the masterdata-tables are implemented in the column view 0BW:BIA:STPE_VC5:


2. Making the snapshot available for reporting

The column view 0BW:BIA:STPE_VC5 will not be visible in the QueryDesigner(Query Builder in BW Modeling Tool), since it's not a BW Infoprovider. It's required to add it in to an Open ODS View in the BW Modeling Tool:

 The relevant fields need to be mapped accordingly:

 3. Data from VirtualProvider vs. Data from HANA Snapshot

We can now execute the !-query(adhoc query) from both the VirtualProvider and Open ODS view and compare the data:

The values are the same in both queries.


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