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  • HCPR: Yellow Request in a Join Node
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A join HCPR can only read data in released requests (that is, green requests).

In a planning scenario, an input ready query is built on a real-time cube GLCUBE. 0quantity value is changed from 210 ST to 21 ST for (GLCOUNTRY=CN, ZATGLNUM=1) and save into the cube. This makes the 0quantity value for GLCOUNTRY=CN change from 229 ST to 40 ST.

This generates a yellow request on GLCUBE to save the delta value.

In list cube we can see the delta value is in the yellow request 1741822:

An HCPR GLJ1 is built to join real-time cube GLCUBE and a standard cube GLCUBE2. In the output, 0quantity is from real-time cube GLCUBE.

A query GL_ACTUALDATA1 is built on GLJ1. In query property, Request Status is set to "[1]Real-time InfoCubes up to current version". The intention is to read data in yellow request, too.

However, run the query value -189 in the yellow request is not read. Query still gets 229 for GLCOUNTRY=CN:

If we tick on Execute+Debug → Display SQL/BW/SAP HANA Query, we can see query only reads data up to request 1735157. Yellow request 1741822 is not included.

This is the system design. Request Status (actual data)  is fixed to [0]-All InfoProviders up to released status (RQTS0) for the join node in an HCPR.

Please use a planning aDSO instead. aDSO always generate released request (green request) after each data save.







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