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The CompositeProviders(Hana CompositeProvider, HCPR) is a InfoProvider type introduced with BW 7.30. It offers the possibility to combine InfoProviders via UNIONs and JOINs. In contrast to a MultiProvider, CompositeProviders can only be used in combination with BW powered by SAP HANA(and partially with BWA). UNION and JOIN operations are executed in HANA and not in the ABAP application server. BEx Queries can be created on CompositeProviders as on any other BW InfoProvider. 

In general, if you are using BW based on HANA database, it ie recommended to create a CompositeProvider instead of a MultiProvider for new objects. See

SAP Online Documentation: Recommendations for Modeling CompositeProviders

  • One difference to a MultiProvider is the possibility of defining Join conditions which was only possible for Providers of type  InfoSets in the past.
  • HCPRs can be based on Hana Calulation Views and work field based, so without using the BW concept of InfoObjects - see CompositeProvider based on HANA Model.
  • In contrast to a MultiProvider, the BW system does not allow all kinds of navigation attribute mappings any longer in a HCPR, see Consistent Navigation Attribute Mapping in a HCPR for further details.
  • On a BW/4Hana systems the concept of Multiproviders does not exist any longer.
  • It is possible to convert a MultiProvider to a HCPR by running report RSO_CONVERT_IPRO_TO_HCPR, see note 2080851 for further details.
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